Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chapman Family trip to Greer (or Heaven?)

One of this summer's highlights is a short family reunion trip to beautiful Greer, AZ. Nestled in the deep forests of the White Mountians in north eastern AZ, lies a small town where the temperature is perfect-65 for the high and 45 for the low. We stayed in our tent trailer while the rest of the family stayed in a cabin several miles away.

It was so nice being with our family. We have such great memories of the white mountains. We had fun playing games, taking hikes, fishing, boating and watching the rain every afternoon, and enjoying a little R & R.

One of the funnest games we played was Quelf. (visit )
Everyone should have this game in their home. We have never laughed so hard.

Here is one of the stunts that you have to do when playing Quelf.

One of our favorite places to visit is the "ranch" - a meadow just southeast of Nutrioso. This is the place where we had family reunions every summer for several decades with the Chapmans and Burks.

(front: Maggie (3) / Back: left to right-Sophie (8) Whitney, Brett (with Bailey (4 months) and Emery (6) )

4th of July

Is is winter yet? I think our family is starting to get tired of the heat (at least Brett is-he must be getting old). We started off the Summer with scorching heat and by the time July 4th came around, the Arizona monsoons took over. Heat + Humidity + Rain = Yuck!
We started July 4th with a Flag Ceremony at the Mesa Stake Center and then we enjoyed breakfast from 6 different wards. Yum Yum!
Later in the day we went to Whitney's parent home and enjoyed a great BBQ and get-together.
We then went to one of the high schools in the area to watch the fireworks and then the "monsoon" started to brew. We waited and waited for the show to begin, but the wind was too strong. By 9:30 the fireworks started and 15 fireworks later the show ended. Embers from the fireworks were landing on the people in the stadium, so we left-obviously disappointed-except for Emery-she hates fireworks.

This is a photo of all the girl cousins from the Owens Family- Whitney's mom made all the dresses. Aren't they just adorable?

It is such a blessing to have the freedoms we do enjoy. Freedom to worship, freedom to love, freedom to play, and freedom to laugh.