Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Sister Got Married

My sister Caitlin got married last Thursday, Sept. 18th. She is my only sister and we are 14 years apart. I love her to death and had a hard time watching her get married. In my eyes she's still this fun little sister, not a grown woman, but at least I can feel confident in handing her over to her awesome hubby who I know will love and take care of her forever!
*Congratulations Caitlin and Robin Beach*

And here's some fun and family after....

Emery's 7th Birthday

Emery turned 7 and got to celebrate her b-day with her cousin Brittney. She could hardley wait for her birthday day to come. She got to celebrate for almost a whole week. She had a party with the Chapman's on the 6th, our family and babysitting group on th 12th, and the Owens' on the 13th. WHEW! She is so special to our family and we love her.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Sweet Daughters

This is our SOPHIE LAYNE!!

She is 8 years old and our second mom. She started 3rd grade this year and got to sit right next to her fun friend Sydney, hoorah! She is taking dance for the first time and loves it. She is playing soccer as well and is soooo good at it. She also takes piano lessons for her third year. She is so good at so many things and is always up for trying new things, but after this mom says only one activity at a time (it gets pretty crazy when you have to leave for dance 10 minutes after she gets home from school on Tuesdays and the minute she gets home from dance she has to hurry and change and make it to soccer practice right away, whew!). She also loves to read and go to Activity Days - especially because her mom is the Activity Days leader :) She is a great big sister and a big help to mom and dad.

This is fabulous EMERY KAY!!

She is almost 7 and can't wait for her birthday. She loves it when there is a special something just for her and no one else. She started first grade this year and is so smart. Emery is also taking dance (for the 2nd time) and chose to focus just on that talent and not do soccer this year. She is really talented at dance and her teacher says she has great lines, whatever that means! She is also taking piano and getting better and better. She is very imaginative and likes to pretend to be an American Idol singer or Hannah Montana or any Disney singer. She is always making us laugh, and she is really fun to have in our family.

This is funny Maggie LeRue!!

She is almost 3 1/2 years old and as spunky as they come. She used to babble so much when she was younger, carrying on conversations in "maggie talk" and we would all just nod our heads in agreement, not knowing what she was talking about. But now, she speaks really well and she still talks a lot. She's a crack up!! She loves movies and the first thing she says every morning is, "Mommy, I want to watch a movie." And we're not kidding when we say - every morning!! She's started preschool and loves to go play with her friends there and at church. Her favorite places to go are Target (she loves to get popcorn there) and Disneyland. Even though we haven't been to Disneyland in over a year, she still asks to go there about once a week. She loves her sisters, especially her baby sister, and calls her "Sugar, Sugars". We love her!!

This is adorable BAILEY RUTH!

She is 5 1/2 months old and cute as can be! She loves to smile and laugh, especially at her funny sisters and crazy dad. She doesn't have any teeth yet, but she slobbers so much that they have to be coming in soon, don't ya think? She began rolling over about a month ago and now is up on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth, and we think that she will crawl any day now - yikes! She has been such a fun and easy baby, that we feel like we are spoiled. She eats, sleeps (and thru the night since she was 8 weeks old, might I add), and plays on cue. How lucky can we be? Her sisters all adore her, so much so that Sophie said she wants another baby sister (whoah there, lets give mom a little time before we start talking new babies, ok?). They played and loved on her so much this summer that she had a hard time adjusting when they all went off to school and the house was quiet, and there was no one to entertain her. She is a great addition to our family.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Mighty Mud Mania

My friend Barb and I, took our kids to this really fun event in Scottsdale called "Mighty Mud Mania".

*This is the "Before the Mud" pic*

(L to R: Sophie, Emery, Courtney-Micah-Marissa :Barb's kids, and Maggie)

They had obstacle courses in the mud for all ages. They got to race other kids through these courses and at the end, win or lose, they got a ribbon.

There were a couple big pits of mud that they could just go and get all dirty, too. What a blast, they loved it!

There was also a big shaded area with 50-75 different play houses for the kids to play in (which I think was Maggie's favorite thing to do) and a big shaded sand pile to dig in.

It was so much fun and at the end they got to go down a long soapy water slide to get cleaned off. It was a really neat event and we are definitely planning on going back again next year!!

*This is the "After the Mud" pic*