Thursday, January 22, 2009

Emery Got A Perm!!

We've always thought Emery was so cute, but with a new hair-do, she is gorgeous!!

Here is before
(always in a pony cuz it was soooo hard to manage):

Here is the perm process:

Here is the finished product:

Thanks Aunt Caitlin for helping

Emery have the best hair around.

We love it!!

We Had A Great Christmas.....And Then We Went To The Snow!

Sophie was a pro at sledding! She could make all the jumps and wasn't even scared!!

Emery ran right out of the car and into the snow! She thought this was the most fun ever!

Bailey hung out in here stroller with mom, the whole time. She wasn't too happy about that!

Maggie loved making snow balls and even tried sledding a couple of times with dad!

Here is Brett and my brother Andy. They were coming back from sledding down the biggest hill!!

I think Brett is pretty proud of himself. He is "The Man"!!