Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We went camping with my family a couple of weeks ago. Not everyone could make it, but for those of us that were there - we had a great time. My brother Andy planned this great camping trip. We left on a Thursday and hit Sedona, which meant Slide Rock of course. I hadn't been to Slide Rock for a really long time, and we just had a blast. My kids really enjoyed it too.

That night we camped in Flagstaff near Sunset Crater. It was a beautiful campsite set up for large families and reunions. We were the only ones there that night, so we had the whole place to ourselves to have marshmallow wars and stay up late ! Then next day we went to the Lava Tubes, which is a cave in northern Flagstaff, up by Snow Bowl. If you've never been, it's definately something to try - it's dark and cold, but so fun!

Then we camped the last two nights at the Grand Canyon. I've been to the Grand Canyon before, but never camped there, and I would love to do it again! There is a junior ranger program for the kids to do and that took most of our Saturday, taking the kids to different programs and helping them complete their booklets, but we sure learned a lot about the Grand Canyon and the kids earned their "Junior Ranger Badge"!

We had a really great trip, lots of memories.

It's always fun to be with family!

From l to r : Bailey (15 mths), Brett (3?), Sophie (9), Maggie (4), Emery (7 & 3/4), Whitney (i'll never tell, heehee)