Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Swim Lessons

I try to have my girls take swim lessons every summer, just to improve their swimming skills (they swim fine - hello, we live in az - it's just mostly to give us something to do for 2 weeks), and this year is no exception. I have good little swimmers!

SOPHIE took beginning diving this year and did pretty good. She probably had as many belly flops as dives but she's getting better and better!

EMERY did really well this year and was one of the fastest swimmers, especially when it came to the backstroke. That's her specialty!

MAGGIE loved swim lessons this year (thank goodness!). The last couple years she's really hated it, but this year she had lots of fun and is a really good swimmer now.

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Sankat said...

That is great they do so well swimming! It is really important for kids in AZ to learn to swim...we will be working on it this summer